About MamaThriveVillage

Mama Thrive Village is an online community I created to give moms a place to come to prioritize their mental wellbeing. So often mamas feel like their identity has been taken hostage by their role as a mom. They do not have a space for themselves. Our village gives you a place for you. 
Clients and mama friends will tell you I offer a non-judgmental place to recharge, question the guilt and worry you haul around with you all day, and connect with other moms on a similar path.
You might be asking who is in our village. I use the word mama because it resonates with my life-long motherly nature. Some women in our community love the word mama and others use another identifier. We have all kinds of parents in our village. We have those who are a little anxious and those who struggle with perinatal mood or anxiety. We have moms who work at home or away, those who stay home to care for children. We welcome all orientations, religions, races, and creeds. We have single mothers (by choice or circumstance). We have all types of parenting styles. We especially love when expectant moms join our groups and courses.
Who am I, you ask? Most people call me Danielle. Some of my clients call me Dr. Jenkins. I am a psychologist and maternal mental health expert and I have been working with families for over 20 years, first as a nanny, then as preschool teacher in parent-child interactive preschools, and then as a postpartum doula. I took these experiences helping mothers, babies, children, and completed my doctorate and then an internship in primary care and pediatric psychology. I was the first intern a the site to work in the women's health as a behavioral health consultant. Since then, I've primarily been in private practice settings and I have loved seeing women and their partners to problem solve the frustrations of new parenting and help them overcome the pain of infertility, birth trauma, pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder. One of my favorite things is helping women who worry they shouldn't have a second child for fear of worsening postpartum issues not even experience it with next children. I also love helping partners prepare to be baby calming experts. I love helping mamas and their partners thrive in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. 
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