do you feel like you’re losing your mind? Or feel like you have entered a motherhood fog? Maybe you feel like your insides are jumbly and chaotic? You are not alone. MamaThriveVillage is an online community helping amazing (yet frazzled) mothers like you prevent, overcome, and manage your mental and emotional health while navigating the huge task of redefining your identity and life as a new mother.



Get the support you need to not completely lose it when things are tough. Our community helps mamas to rebuild themselves as the stable, authentic, grounded women they’ve always been but may have lost track of during the seismic event of bringing a new human earthside. Maternal mental health never felt this good.

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Uncertainty, worry, and at times debilitating loss of identity are all common concerns of early parenting. MamaThriveVillage is a non -judgmental community created by a Psychologist with experience and expertise as a postpartum doula, childcare provider, and child development expert with a dream to create an online village of support. Here you will find expert and practical advice, encouragement, and a place to recharge. Join our village on social media and in our online courses.


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